Why should I offer a client a consultation?

Why should I offer a client a consultation?

Why should I offer a client a consultation?

The importance of customer consultations. 

Client Consultations are vital not just for your client satisfaction, but for your company and client safety - legally and from a medical perspective. 

The first impression of your salon, and yourself cannot be replicated, so getting client consultations right is essential. Lashes are a luxury, and should be treated as such. Think of your experience when purchasing a designer item or luxury vehicle. You feel special and are well taken care of, so why should your lash consult be any less? Take the next steps and offer your client water, a comfortable seat and warm attitude as they complete their consultation and waver. 

Here are some key tips to ensure that your client feels taken care of, and like your only customer, before you apply the first lash. 

Take time to get to know your clients lifestyle - aside from completing a waiver of liability (example linked), talking through your clients day to day lives and expectations can be helpful if they complete the form quickly without asking what the questions mean. For example, if your client is a swimmer, or visits the gym 6 days a week, you can encourage them to book for infills more regularly. You can explain this to them ahead of time, so that they are not disappointed and have realistic expectations. 

Similarly, their forms should indicate whether they are taking any medications which can affect retention issues so that you can discuss this with them and help to best manage their expectations and goals.

This is also the time where you can assess their eye shape, and what shape they were interested in. If their desired shape does not suit their eyes, or if they are unsure and open to suggestions, take this time to wow them with your knowledge and design skills. Use photos of your past work on similar clients and be guided by their dream set. 

Always make notes of what lash style and lengths your client chose so you can replicate or adjust for future appointments. Follow up with them to see their thoughts and opinions on their lash style and if there are little adjustments you can make to ensure they LOVE their style, do so! 

These tips in your consult, as well as having a thorough and detailed waiver of liability form is essential to ensuring your client has a magical experience. 

All students at LXA Academy are given a full-proof waiver of liability form to ensure that their safety, and your salon are protected by law. 

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