5 ways to make clients feel at home in your salon or home studio!

5 ways to make clients feel at home in your salon or home studio!

5 ways to make clients feel at home in your salon or home studio!

We all love recurring clients which start to feel like family! To celebrate the opening of our new salon on April 1st - we thought we would share the love with our LXA Fam with our 5 best tips on making clients comfortable in your salon or home studio! These helpful hints can tick the boxes for customers and keep your business flourishing for good!

  1.  Establish goals Kick off on the right foot by talking to you customer early on about their goals for their lashes or brows! Wispy lashes their thing? Or maybe a super modest classic set? Be sure to communicate with the client and if you’re unsure & finding their descriptions hard to understand, ask for photos! Be honest if you feel you can’t meet their goals and even suggest showing them some of your past work to see if your vibes meet up!

  2. Keep it clean There's nothing worse than a messy space! Not only will your client feel uncomfortable wading through the mess, but your work will be a lot more difficult if you’re walking around the salon looking for your glue, lashes or tweezers! Our salons headrest cushions are equipped with a side pocket which holds everything you need to complete your set! We would absolutely recommend making the investment to double as a time-saver & a comfort-provider!

  3. Comfort is everything! Carrying on from our last point, ensuring you and your client are comfortable is top priority! A massage table is essential but taking the next step by lining the table with a cosy sheet or blanket can make all the difference! If you prefer a cooler environment for your lashes & glue, offer your client a clean blanket - because as we all know; lash naps are the best naps! Your comfort is important too! Ensuring your seat is at the right height will allow you to save your back from standing and bending down over your client.

  4. Assess the energy We all love to chat but sometimes your client might not be feeling it & be seeing one of our aforementioned lash nap days! Keep an eye on your clients energy & if they want some time off the small talk, let them rest & provide a relaxing environment with minimal chatting. On the other hand, if you find yourself with a Chatty Cathy, always be professional and kind - keep it simple and try to always leave them with a positive energy when they leave the salon. It can be easy to spiral into getting angry or upset after a gossip session, so we recommend light, happy & kind conversation to ingrain the salon as a happy place in their mind!

  5. Go the extra mile! The perfect way to establish (or keep) client loyalty is to always go the extra mile. Whether that means allowing a private session where a mum can bring their bub, taking some extra time at no extra charge to go above and beyond for a bride or someone in the peak of their shedding cycle! This could also involve discounts for referrals or for those who post about your salon! The duo of extra time & care and a great deal is sure to build a relationship and encourage repeat customers and referrals

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