General FAQ

How long does it take to finish the course?
The courses are self-paced. With your own login details, you are free to login and study as you with with unlimited access to take as long as you need. Perfect for those with busy schedules, families or someone who wants their course time to be as short as possible. With no start or end date, you're free to set your own work-life balance.

Is there a lot of theory? 
When it comes to our services, theory is required to understand the tried and true techniques to ensure competency for our students. The theory is not excessive, but enough so that you feel comfortable and confident. There are 52 modules combined, including step-by-step business modules and downloadable information. These modules can be completed in a day or two if you have the time, however the practical side of things will take longer. This length of time depends on your skills and understanding of application.

Are the courses nationally recognised? 
You will receive a certificate of completion after sending in your case studies. I am a certified trainer here in Australia & NZ. The LXA Academy Courses are not nationally accredited, however they are industry recognised & they are nationally recognised. In Australia & NZ, the rules and regulations state you do not require accredited training to become a certified lash technician. Unfortunately, in the lash industry unfortunately the accredited courses are lacking 80% of the data the student needs. Offering an accredited course would be a disservice to our students & the industry as a whole. However, at the end of this course you will be more than qualified to perform lash artistry at a salon or own your own business.

Do you offer payment plans? 
Absolutely, we offer many payment plans! Complete a contact form via our Contact Page, and we will be in-touch. With options to exclude credit-checks, we are here to support you & guide you on your way, regardless of financial and personal situations.

Am I required to pay postage on my kit? 
Yes, this is a requirement and may vary depending on your location, whether international or local to us here in Australia!