How Can I Improve My Lash Business

How Can I Improve My Lash Business

So, you've decided to take the leap in becoming a lash artist and are wondering how you can improve your business. In such a booming industry it can be easy to become frustrated and confused with the plethora of opinions, ideas and business plans.

Our best advice we can give to improve a lash business is to learn from somebody who has done it all. 

At LXA Academy, we have been twice voted Australia's best beauty Academy. In our Business Accelerator program, you'll be guided by three coaches who have been there and done that.

From our CEO and master trainer who knows the ins and outs of business, taxes, trademarking and more; to our Student Success Officer who has dealt with the most difficult clients, customers and all you can imagine and our Marketing Manager with over seven years experience in this industry and beyond. 

Before taking a leap and signing up to a business accelerator program, here are a few tips that we can give you to best improve your lash business and decide whether you should take the leap in hiring business coaches or a business professional to assist you in growing a flourishing business.

Tip One - Confidence
Our first tip, is all about confidence. Like anybody who wants to elevate their business you may question yourself in question your quality of work. If you are a student of our school there is no need to question your skills and talent. You will not have been passed if you could not complete your work to an excellent standard. This journey is hard work it takes time and effort, but with belief in yourself anything is possible. Our course will take you through confidence, having the courage to believe in yourself, and the knowledge and strength needed to become a successful business owner.

Tip Two - Don't Be Afraid To Change
Adaptability is something you can always improve on in business. Think about the pandemic, people HAD to work on their feet and think faster best improve their business and to keep things moving in and have a changing environment. It is vital that you are willing to take advice, and focus on a way to best transform your business after it has been established. Are you running at 100%? If not explore tweaking the business and the foundation that you've started on before taking a major step. That is a big part of what our business accelerator program will assist you with. We are there to work with clients whether you're at day one of business or day 1000.

Tip Three - Have A Plan For Success
so, you're ready to make moves! That's what everyone does right? But where do you start. In our business accelerator program we will present you with a six-month business plan at the start of your four week course. This will take you through a plan to create the most fruitful, successful, and amazing six months of business. And we're not just talking six months, we are talking advice that will lead you and guide you for the rest of your career. Without a plan, all ideas adjust that. Simply ideas. By creating a plan and creating a guide to complete your goals, they are transformed into tangible, realistic and countable success markers. 

What are you waiting for? Be prepared to learn from people who made all the mistakes, have been there and done that and are ready to told your hand and guide you with passion love and appreciation for the beauty industry.

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