Lashes 101 - Curls, Lengths & Thicknesses.

Lashes 101 - Curls, Lengths & Thicknesses.

Our students are pros, we know. But sometimes it’s important to take it right back to basics. It’s often those of us so submerged in content and ideas that forget the simple things. 

So let’s take it back to the start!

 What’s the difference between all the styles of curl?   


J Curl

Mimicking the style of a natural eyelash, these natural lashes have a curvature at the tip, and allow for a more natural look! While it may seem like the easy choice, J curls have fallen out of favour with most lash artists!


B Curl

In between a J & C curl, the B curl is used most often near the inner corners and the bottom row of lashes! They’re super popular to blend with the C curls to create texture and lift


C Curl

These lashes allow for a natural, bright-eyed and wide-eyed look, without being heavy or dramatic. They are usually mixed with other styles for added volume & are perfect for all age groups.


D Curl

D may as well be for Drama! These lashes bring the heat, and are used for ultimate volume and big eyes! These lashes tend to not last as long on natural lashes, so you may need to map accordingly! They are usually blended with other styles for texture.


L Curl

Perfectly suited to straight or downward sloping lashes, for those with hooded eyes, it can give a natural looking lift! The straight base allows for a stronger and longer bond.


L +  Curl

Also perfectly suited to straight or downward sloping lashes, for those with hooded eyes, it can give a natural looking lift! L+ or L Lift are a more dramatic alternative and are the perfect equivalent to C shape for hooded eyes!


U Curl

With a 180 degree curve, this lash is the curliest there is! It creates an ultra dramatic and open eyed effect. Because of the significant curl, they may touch the eyelid which can be irritating, so should be used in shorter lengths for those with heavy lids!


What’s the Ideal Length?

Typically, the length of lashes is from 4mm - 18mm, and can be used depending on your map or staging!


The maximum length should be an additional 30% of the clients natural lash, or for a more natural look, use lashes 1 - 2mm longer than the original.


Be sure to measure the length with the lash straight, rather than curled.



Check out our Lash Guide for an amazing look into to all you need to master styles & lengths! Download a PDF here!