What are Russian Volume Lashes?

What are Russian Volume Lashes?

What Are Russian Volume Lashes!

The fluff is SO real with this stunning style of lashes, Russian Volumes are more than breathtaking and so flattering to a range of eye shapes and sizes - but what makes them so unique? Find out ALL you need to know about this stunning style & one of our most favoured modules in our Lash Bundle!

What Makes Them Great? 

As the name suggests, Russian Volume Lashes originated in Russia by the team of Olga Dobronravova and Irina Levchuck! They started by combining 3 or more individual lashes into a fan which are more than 1mm longer than the natural lash to the lash! That’s triple the lashes & lots more length! These days we don’t need to stop there, with some fans containing up to 5 lashes! 

This creates a va-va-voom effect with a dark lashline, and stunning volume and thickness! What’s even better is that the volume and density of these lashes can wrap around your natural lash and cause even better retention when compared to classic lashes! 

This style suits all eye shapes for a glamorous and fluffy effect - it will create absolutely perfect results for those with sparse and short lashes!

How to do Russian Volume Lashes?

We get it, you know all about them and now you’re inspired! We have just the thing! If you’re already qualified in Classic Lash Extensions, you can specialise in our Russian Volume Lash Course here! For those ready to make the step toward their future, Our Lash Masterclass is now 50% off for a short time, to find out how to become a fully accredited Eyelash Technician, check out all our course bundles here!